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This site features Fine Art Photography by Norm Kenneally. Subjects are primarily found in the Northeast United States. There is a generous sprinkling of his favorite images made during international travels and the Southwest. Norm has eclectic photographic subject interests ... marine and landscape scenes, nostalgic subject matter, and candid portraiture included; a touch of humor can often be found in his work.

Norm's photos can be purchased double-matted in Off-White, or framed by special request in unique rustic barnwood frames. These quality prints make a great gift, and are a beautiful addition to decor in a home or office. We hope you enjoy your visit to our Virtual Gallery!

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Norm's Favorites: These are a few of Norms personal favorites. Click on an image to go directly to a full-size image page, or use the Gallery navigation link to see all the Thumbnails of all images.
Double Dories
Herring Boats
Pippen and Friends
Pleasant Bay Umbrellas
Blue Boat
Vesuvio Bakery
Adirondack Reflections
a little dinghy at Mill Pond
Jenne Farm in Autumn
Everybody's Just Beachy
Long Wait
McSorleys in sepia
Nautical Bouquet
The Chief in sepia
Updated on Sun Jun 26 20:03:48 2016
There are now 159 images on-site

Recent Additions: These are the ten most recent additions to the gallery. Click on an image to go directly to a full-size image page, or use the Gallery navigation link to see all the Thumbnails of all images.

Red Barn with Flag
Moonrise above the bay
Sunday afternoon on the water
Michaelmas Daisies
Onion farmer and donkey
Sittin 'n Pickin
Tall Ship Christian Radich
Patience is a Virtue II
Tractor tilling the land
Updated on Sun Jun 26 20:03:48 2016
There are now 159 images on-site


An update for browsers, followers, valued customers and friends is in order. This photographer and his wife have relocated from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to the "Crystal Coast" of North Carolina's lower outer banks, Morehead City on the Intracoastal Waterway. For those wishing contact information, please click on "Contact Us". And, in addition to clicking on "Gallery" to see more than 200 additional images, click on "Order" to view one of our rustic (with varying amounts of white paint) barn wood frames ... seen at shows, viewers are extremely positive about them! The 12" X 16" size is most popular, but we often sell the larger 16 x 20 inch and 20 x 26 inch sizes and do offer larger sizes; this year we introduced 24 X 36 inch Photo Blocks ... after the image is printed on high quality paper it is protected with an ultra violet inhibiting laminate and then mounted in a high pressure press for many years of warp free, fade resistant display; and the backing is lightweight. Prices upon request are attractive too. We pack and ship routinely.
We add more images all the time, so be sure to come back to check them out!

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This gallery is a collection of copyrighted images available for viewing and selection for purchase. All rights reserved, and no images may be used without written permission of Norman Kenneally.
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